Minggu, 03 Juni 2012


"Love builds bridges where there are none"

One month ago my friend Ahmad Syaifuddin (Didin) and his boyfriend Warren Jones invited me in a dinner... it's unussual,  coz i almost never have time out together with Didin especally with both of them. 

Finally they said to me that they will held a commitment ceremony party and they ask me to be an officiant person. Super Shocked me! really! but they ask to me...  

So today, this afternoon we have a little wedding private party. It's going very  nice and sweet. Arround 50 people invited and some of them are gay couples. 
the Very nice place named Villa Hanis in Jalan Palagan preparing a beautiful atmosphere, white tents, white chairs with colourful flowers and balloons surround. The wedding singers singing all the time to welcome wedding guests come in. 

Commitment Cermony starting, i read the guide book in wich commitment senteces in six pages... with nice lovely words and touchy. 

This time, An iLegal wedding affair happen here in Yogyakarta appart of  Indonesia where this mariage has been legalized yet! so we choose this way, becouse there is no reason to hinder our love commitment. 

We live in the multicultural country so that all citizens have equal rights but in fact no regulation for this mariage. 

" We are different in many ways but i promise we same about Love..." 

We don't need  "gay mariage" or "same sex mariage" but we just want to call it "Mariage"  it all.

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