Jumat, 19 Juni 2015

"Tengkleng Bu Edy" |Pasar Klewer Solo|

Tengkleng is a traditional food originally came from Solo, Central Java, Indonesia . It is a stew-like dish cooked with various ingredients. It can contain mutton, goat’s rib, goat’s leg, and even goat’s head. However, most tengkleng sold in the stalll, is using ribs, mutton, or bones with an attached meat to it. The art of eating tengkleng is the use of bare hand to bite the meat and sucking the bones. Do not think it is disgusting until you try it yourself. You might find it fun and interesting. It will be an unforgettable experience for you to try. When you come to the stall, there are various menus that you can choose. The stall serves mutton fried rice, mutton satay, goat gulai (a curry-like dish) and tengkleng. Meanwhile, for the beverages, the stall provides vegetable juice to accompany your meal.

From Yogyakarta to Solo and return we can go by Train : Pramex, Sriwedari and Madiun Jaya from Yogyakarta train sta or Lempuyangan train sta.
Tengkleng Bu Edy located in front of "Klewer" Market Solo .