Selasa, 29 Mei 2012


Just coming back from Phnom Penh, laid my back off then put the TV on, i was very shocked whatched news about Lady Gaga. The Islamic Defender making a trouble again and again... Just feel shocked again because before i went abroad i was in LKiS / an Irshad Manji's tragedy. They dissolved and distructived our disscussion . Traumatic still spining in my head. They threatened to dissolve and make chaotic Jakarta if the Lady gaga Concert will be happen. They said Lady gaga is a devil who will undermain the moral and religious. And the absolutely hate coz Lady Gaga agree with the same sex mariage and support  LGBT community.

I was continued shock coz the Indonesian police at least government do not respon well and they are not doing must be done! They seem affraid of the FPI. Actually FPI is the only small group organisation but government always cannot stop FPI even though FPI doing the violences. Finally promoters canceling the concert for the security reasons.
What happen beetwen FPI and Government? oh Indonesia....

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Gaga Speech!

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Gaga in Asia by : Ng Yi-Sheng

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  1. what a pitty, what a weird, what a sad, what the hell...