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Kubro Siswo is a traditional art background in the spread of Islam in Java . In language Kubro means big and siswo means student or pupil . So that could mean the Lord's disciples were implemented in a show that has always upheld the greatness of God . Kubro Siswo stands for Body Art Ubahing Jiwo lan Rogo ( artistic about bodybuilding and soul ) , which significantly improve the people especially Muslims so that they always need a balanced life between the world and the hereafter .

Initial function of this dance is to spread the religion of Islam in Java . However , Kubro dance students often associate with a story , a story that clerics who named Ki Garang Serang . He was a soldier of Prince Diponegoro who wanders Manoreh Mountains region to spread the religion of Islam . The story he entered a forest inhabited by many wild animals . When the forest was on fire , there is a contradiction between Ki Garang Serang with a bunch of wild animals . By miracle , the animals can be subdued by Ki Garang here's a little story related to Dance Kubro Siswo .

Art Kubro this Siswo danced en masse about 25 people or maybe more and usually all male dancers Dalah . Dance is displayed with a duration of approximately 5 hours , with music that is similar or even similar to the fight song , and there is also music Qasidahan . However, the lyrics changed are more Islamic . Musical instruments used include 3 pieces squat , jedor and drums .

If the observed , dance Kubro siswo is a Javanese acculturation , Islamic and colonial . It can be seen dressed as soldiers of the era palace , but from the waist down dressed in dressed like a football player . In it there is a captain must lead yana dance and always carry a whistle . This is the style of the dance attractiveness .

In addition to the dance and costumes , which spectaculair attractions also appeal  the dance. Among other fireball game , ironed body , peeling coconuts with his teeth , climbed the steps of the ladder are made of several beaver ( Javanese term is "bendho" ) , scenes of war , and there are more interesting trance scene           ( Javanese term is "ndadi" ) .

Trance scene is a picture of the battle between Ki Garang Serang with animals Manoreh Mountains . It's just in the dance Kubro siswo animals were replaced by players who use animal costumes . With the crack of a whip , the smell of incense and after a seven-way flower splashed to the players , then the players will begin to trance and started dancing .

To heal the players , then the handler will force the dancers are possessed to approach bendhe or gengang . And after the prayers are being said , the dancers will be passed out and realizing they will recover . After that , the game finished .
Kubro Siswo typical Magelang art . It is said that this dance comes from the area around Mendut . Since 1965 , there have been dance at Borobudur and the surrounding areas . About when and where the creation of this dance is not known with certainty .

If today you have never or rarely seen this art not faded or lost , but the metamorphosis is already happening in this art . Currently not dance Kubro Siswo are developing , but it Dayakan/Topeng Ireng (Black Mask) that almost the entire dance and the songs similar to Kubro Siswo . It can be said that art has become a metamorphosis has occurred , although the movement has been made ​​much simpler . Likewise, more energetic and acrobatic movements .
Moreover , in terms of costumes have also changed to ala Dayak ethnic Kalimantan or American Indian . It's just for the more festive costume for wearing colored clothing is more festive . Not to miss is worn on the head , hats are made with colorful feathers make it more interesting art than Kubro Siswo .
That has not changed from its artistry is trance ( ndadi ) . In this Dayakan art , these scenes are not removed . Because however also , a scene that is the special appeal of the arts . Some area named Dayakan is Topeng Ireng Dance.

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